Logo ibz„kuiri kune“ means in esperanto „cooking together“. This word is the main program in the intercultural cooking event. The principle is easy: together we enjoy cooking culinary delights of the international cuisine. For that internationales begegnungszentrum (ibz) has provided us with a kitchen to use for cooking and then we move to the café globus in IBZ where we can eat and enjoy talking. Every participants can take turn in choosing a recipe of his or her liking. An Alnatura Supermarket  supports the kuiri kune cooking-event with food donations. If they have not all the food we need to cook, we buy the rest and share the costs.

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Esperanto can connect people from different culture together, the same way in the intercultural cooking event many people from different culture, religion, language, generations and lifestyle meet together resulting in mutual respect and understanding of each other. The essence is to recognize through appreciative treatment, the particular individuality and uniqueness of each other. This applies mutually for all participants as it builds a connecting link between them.

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Everyone can take part, there are no age limits, also people with handicaps are welcome to join us. By arrangements we can try to find a cuisine that doesn’t depend on religion or livestyle (vegetarian) so that everyone can enjoy the event. Also people who wish to bring vegan cuisine are welcome to join.

The event is found on the following dates between 18:00 and 20:30:

  • 11. October 2017: We are going to cook indian food!
  • 22. November 2017
  • 13. December 2017

You can sign up for only one date, two, three or more. We can cook with ten people, so please sign up by the course instructor:

Somajeh-Cathrin Noheh-Khan
E-Mail: info@kuirikune.de

Here you can download the kuiri kune flyer.

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Alle sind willkommen. Unabhängig von Alter, Herkunft, Lebensweise oder Weltanschauung.

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