Ein Teller mit Gabel, Löffel und Messer und einer Weltkarte.

KUIRI KUNE means in esperanto „cooking together“. We are celebarting diversity and encounter on an equal level. We see individuality and uniqueness as a benefit.

KUIRI KUNE subsists from involvement: every participants can take turn in choosing a recipe of her/his liking.

An Alnatura Supermarket  supports KUIRI KUNE with food donations. If they have not all the food we need to cook, we buy the rest and share the costs.

The Internationales Begegnungszentrum (ibz) has provided us with a kitchen to use for cooking and then we move to the café globus in ibz where we can eat and enjoy talking.

Gruppenfoto von Menschen, die lächeln

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This is a selective of the dishes we already cooked together:Ein Mann und eine Frau stehen vor dem ibz.
bruschetta and pasta with pesto genovese
Somalian lamb surbiyaan (lamb-stew with basmati rice)
Arabian falafel with hummus, pita und tabouleh (cous cous-salad mit tomatos and cucumber)
Costa Rica: nacho-salad with mincemeat, avocados, cheese, sour creme and tomatos
Persian starter kuku sabzi (herb-omlette), mast-o-khiar (yoghurt dip)
kashk-e bademjan (eggplants with eggs and curcuma), salad shirazi (tomatos and cucumber)
Tunisian brik – dumplings with vegetables and tuna
Vegan zucchini-spaghetti with tofu bolognese
Eritrean ingera with beef, peeps and vegetables
Greek starters: scalloped ewe’s cheese, meatballs with ouzo, fried eggplants, eggplants with tomato sauce
Persian lamb-ragout with rice
Spanish-portuguese vegetable-paella-pan


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KUIRI KUNE Cooking Events 2019

Friday, 11. January 2019

Friday, 15. March 2019

Friday, 31. May 2019

Friday, 19. July 2019

Friday, 18. October 2019

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Everyone can take part, there are no limits. By arrangements we can try to find a cuisine that doesn’t depend on religion or livestyle (vegetarian, vegan) so that everyone can enjoy the event. Also people who wish to bring vegan cuisine are welcome to join.

You can sign up for only one date, two, three or more. We can cook only with ten people, so please sign up via e-mail at: info@kuirikune.de

Meeting Place


Cooperation with Alnatura Natur Supermarket

Alnatura Super Natur Markt Logo

The KUIRI KUNE cooking event has started an cooperation with an Alnatura Natur Supermarket on 13th September 2017. Renate WeiĂź, bench manager of the supermarket said: „I would like to start this cooperation as a pilot projekt. We will spend 50 € worth of Alnatura Food for the kuiri kune cooking event per month, this is all in a good cause.

Bild vom Einkauf an der Kasse im Supermarkt.

„The participants can taste food in organic quality for free. Everyone can take part, independently from her/his financial situation“, so Somajeh Noheh-Khan, „sometimes we have to buy food in other shops too, but I make sure that nobody has to pay more than one euro.“

Buffet mit GemĂĽse und Nachtisch.

KUIRI KUNE at the „Karlsruher active day – volunteering is showing up“

The Karlsruher „active day – volunteering is showing up“ will be taken place at Friedrichsplace on 16th June 2018. Here you can find more informations about this event www.karlsruhe.de/bme.

Crossmedial advertising starts at march 2017 with seven different postermotives and postcards. The photographs will show different volunteering issues with real people from Karlsruhe.

For the City of Karlsruhe it is very important to show a picture with the issue „international understanding“. They asked Somajeh Noheh-Khan, KUIRI KUNE initiator, if they can take a picture of the KUIRI KUNE cooking event. Somajeh Noheh-Khan liked the idea at one go. She got a picture taken with Sora Malick, one of the KUIRI KUNE participants.

This picture will shown at the City of Karlsruhe on different information channels (plakats, postcards, internet) at march 2018.

Ein Mann und eine Frau stehen vor dem ibz.

Image source: City of Karlsruhe, city development department, Rosemarie Strobel-Heck.


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